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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mango MasterCard Prepaid Card


About Website: Mango mastercard is a prepaid card which can be used even through your mobiles. You can open your savings accounts online also. There are no late fees or high interest fees or any other hidden charges.

Online Since: At the end of March, 2006.

Technical Info: Apache server based website which requires active jscript.

Whois Info:


Q: Where can I contact for mango prepaid card services?

A: You can call at 1-877-896-2646 toll free number for various prepaid card services of mangomoney.com

Q: I want to have a low fees mastercard prepaid card and want to know which would be better greendot mastercard or the mango matercard?

A: You can search online and compare the prices and reviews of both the mastercards either the greendot or the mango and then choose which suits the best according to your needs.

Q: I had received my mango prepaid card mastercard yesterday and want to know that how I would be able to activate it?

A: The activation process for mango master card is very easy. You just have to dial 1-888-389-9323 and then enter your mango card number, and answer some security questions and your card will be activated and is ready to use.

Q: What will be the minimum and maximum limits for mango prepaid card?

A: For loading your mango card master card you can add minimum $10 and max $1,000 per day. You can reload it at many retail locations of greendot, walmart, Walgreens, Kroger and many more.

Web Ranking: #35,055 web traffic ranking for mango debit card. Above 65% users are from United States and some others from Serbia and Montenegro.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Neteller Net+ Prepaid MasterCard


About Website: Neteller is the leading website used for online payments. Is safe, secure and fast and reliable for sending money and for money transfers and other online transactions. It is also known as ewallet because of its services. It also offers prepaid cards and mastercards to their customers for their ease of doing various modes of payments solutions.

Online Since: January 7, 2000.

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Technical Info: Apache server based website which requires jvascript to be active and flash installed.

Whois Info: Available.


Q: I want the contact number for netteller.com services can someone tell me?

A: You can call directly at +1-403-451-8020 number for neteller queries and other modes of contacts can be known by visiting the webpage: http://public.neteller.com/content/global/support_index.htm

Q: Can someone tell me about this Neteller Net+ Prepaid MasterCard?

A: Neteller Net+ Prepaid MasterCard are prepaid cards at your neteller account and can be used for doing withdrawls at ATMs at various locations. It requires no application fees and can be accepted everywhere mastercards are accepted. Also you can aplly for it online at http://public.neteller.com/content/global/cards_physical.htm link.

Q: I had received my netteller mastercard yesterday but I don't know how to activate it. Any help!

A: Activating your netelleer card is a simple process. You just have to login to your account at neteller.com and select the "Net+" tab and then click Activate button under the Prepaid MasterCard section. Now enter your card number and the last 3digits number on the back of your card or say CCV number. Your card is activated and is ready to use.

Web Ranking: #14,667 web traffic ranking for netteller prepaid mastercard having the visitors from Germany, UK, France, Finland, India, Italy, Austria, Norway, SA, and Spain.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Kalixa Prepaid Card

About: Kalixa is a prepaid mastercard used for shopping online, onstores and by phone.Its also ideal for business expenses and while travelling abroad. You can also apply for your kalixa eAccount and get the prepaid card for just £4.95.

Online Year: May 26, 2009.

Technical Details: IIS server based website which requires active javascript and flash installed.

Whois : Available whois information.


Q: What will be the procedure for getting kalixa prepaid card? How can I activate my kalixa card online?

A: Its a simple procedure for getting kalixa prepaid card which requires no credit checks and no bank accounts. You just have to register on their website kalixa.com and after filling up the form online you have to load your eAccount from which your registration fees will be deducted. Now you have to verify your emailaddress send by the company to you through email. Then they will post your card and activation code at your address within 10-15 working days and then you have to enter your activation code on their website and your card is ready to use.

Q: How can I contact kalixa.com customer services?

A: You must visit their website www.kalixa.com at their Contact Us page and submit your queries there. For UK users call at 0905 484 0021 and from abroad call at 0044 207 077 8692.

Q: I had a kalixa prepaid card and now going abroad and want to know whether I can use it there or not?

A: You can use your kalixa card at stores or online purchasings where mastercards are accepted. Also you can use it abroad but there will be some extra charges. Read all the terms and conditions regarding that and then inform your bank that you are using it abroad.

Q: How can I be able to view my transactions for my kalixa eAccount?

A: You just have to ligging in to their website kalixa.com and then go to the Statement section under My Kalixa eAccount. You can get the recent transactions there also you can get the previous transactions as well.

Internet Ranking: #744,400 web traffic ranking for kalixa prepaid card with about 45% users are from Germany and others from UK, Austria and Malaysia.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Aventium Classic Credit Card


About: Aventium classic card is a good option for customers need of having low processing fees, low rates, online services, reporting to credit bureaus and more.

Online Since: May 17, 2005.

Technical Details: IIS server based website which needs active jscript.

Whois Info: Availabe for this website.


Q: How can I apply for the aventium gold classic card online?

A: You must visit the webpage: https://www.aventiumcard.com/PersonalInfo.aspx?appid=OX1005270455841CK and fill up the form and click continue and follow the steps. Your apllication will be submitted.

Q: What will be the charges associated with this aventium card? Are there any hidden charges?

A: Move to this page: https://www.aventiumcard.com/CardDetails.aspx?appid=OX1005270455841CK and get all the details of fees and other charges associated with this aventium card. Read it carefully and then apply for it.

Internet Ranking: #9,415 web traffic ranking for aventium classic card and above 95% visitors are from US only.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

West Mark Secured Credit Card


About: Westmark CU is providing financial services since 1954 for the people of Idaho. It provides various financial services to their members also. It offers various savings and current accounts, credit cards, loans, advance lines and more.

Online Since: October 29, 1995.

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Technical Details: Apache server based website which requires active javascript and flash installed.

Whois Info: Whois info is available.


Q: From where can I get the locations about my nearest westmark credit union branch?

A: You must visit the webpage: http://www.westmark.org/locationscontact.php?from=contact and get all the locations and contacts which you want.

Internet Ranking: #837,690 web traffic ranking for westmark with the visitors from United States only.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Caxton FX PrePaid Credit Card

is a prepaid Money Currency Card.Specially Design to be used overseas with minimum possible charges on you.When you use a credit card or a debit card on overseas your bank and overseas ATM bank charges you high fees but Caxton Card give you this services at minimum charges by NOT charging you anything.You only have to pay overseas Bank fees.

Some Good Features:
  • Preapid Mastercard
  • You can load it using phone,ATM,SMS
  • Free to use for Shopping,Dinning,Hotels outside UK
  • Claims to have best Exchange rates
  • Accepted Everywhere

Different Variants of CaxtonFXCards:
  • Euro card
  • US Dollar Card
  • Global Traveler

Website : www.caxtonfxcard.com
To activate just login to website address given above

Customer care :
In England:
0845 222 2639

Outside : +44 20 7201 0526

By Post :
Caxton FX
4 Grosvenor Place, London, SW1X 7HJ

Review : Good

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Evolution Prepaid Visa card


About: Evolution card is best for protecting your credit, High amount funds deposited to your Evolution Card are insured by the FDIC(Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation). It also helps you in prepaid long distance calls at low rates and you can easily add amount to your evolution card directly.

Online Since: September 19, 2005.

Technical Details: Apache server based website which requires enabled javascript.

Whois Info: Whois info is available.


Q: Where can I be able to contact Evolution Prepaid Visa card customer services?

A: You can call at (801) 335-0286 or can submit your queries at the link: http://www.evolutioncardapp.com/contact.html and the bank will respond within a week.

Q: I want to apply for the Evolution Prepaid Visa card online. What will be the procedure?

A: You must visit their website www.evolutioncardapp.com and fill up the form with all the required fields and click the 'Apply' button. Always remember to read the privacy policy and all the terms and conditions carefully before applying.

Q: Can I be able to get my transactions online?

A: Yes, you can visit their website and loggin to your account and get online transactions statement for free of cost.